Saturday 08 September 4e nature flight. Because there was no escape for the youngsters we have everything (64) basketted on Bierges over a distance of 242 km. They were downwind and it showed. It went very fast at high speeds.

Again it was the 17-1741580 old hen whose 1e came flying. she was 2e on basketing and grabbed thereby beautiful items for the designated championship. She was the 3e times in a row early in the outcome.

We had the 3e in 4e of the association and also 9 pigeons in the first 20 of the association. Next we had 34 of the 64 basketed pigeons in the price. Again a nice price percentage 53%. (See results)

This weekend the last 2 flights this season. We will both basketing, The old birds go to Quievrain and the youngsters are unloaded in Melun, 509 km.

Good luck all

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