Beek en Donk & Dizy le Gros

From 1e young pigeon flight is always one that is watched with fear and trembling. All week you look at the weather forecasts and hope that it will be a normal flight.

We trained the boy many times and hoped that it would go well. Unfortunately, it was again not a very good start to the season. We had 52 pigeons have been basketed and just over half have only returned. The solution was 7.25 hour.

From 1e pigeon was on time, if 08.51,29 she was clocked. She had the 1e price in the association (See results) and a 3e of the district against approx 2400 pigeons.

Next week there will be a flight from Weert. Hopefully it goes better than the week before.

Dizy le Gross

Also what the last flight of old pigeons, this time from Dizy le Gross over a distance of 368 km.

Here we had 24 pigeons basketed.

These have all returned home, but these old pigeons did not return very well either. Here we had one 2e of the association with further 13 of the 24 pigeons in the price (See results).

This last middle distance flight had G. Spitshuis de 1e of the association. Gerald proficiat.

Good luck with the preparations for the youngsters and see you next week.

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