Beek en Donk

On the 1e we had a race 60 basketed, namely 27 doffers in 33 hens. A nice number to start with. The weather was pretty good except for the wind (LIKE THIS) came from the wrong angle again. At such a short distance and then with a SE wind, you already know in advance that the first pigeons on the west side will fall into the association and from the Rayon. And so it happened.

It has been discharged to 09,15 hours in Beek en Donk over a distance of 128 km. The first pigeons with us reached a speed of 87 km per hour. Fortunately they came off well in this wind and with fifteen minutes they were already there 35 pigeons back. Then it dripped nicely and they all returned.

From 1e place in the association this time went to the Comb Oude Lashof from Weerselo. From 2e in 3e place for J Luhen also from Weerselo. This was to be expected. After that we sat in place with our pigeons 4, 5, 7, in 8. Nice number of pigeons early in the results (See results) In the Rayon we had to settle for one 22e place.

Hopefully the wind will blow from a different angle next Saturday (W) blow, so that the first prizes are earned on the east side of the association. We will see what it will be.

Good luck all.

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