Beek en Donk

Saturday 14 August finally the 1e Natoervlucht this season. Looking forward to a few weeks. Because we haven't played the youngsters for a few weeks now, you're longing for a Saturday with a nice flight again.

Beek en Donk was on the program, this over a distance of 127 km. On Kalkar, the last training flight we had basketed all pigeons that could participate in the flight. These were there 76 namely 26 doffers, 26 hens and 24 youngsters. This training went perfectly, all pigeons were back soon. Because a young pigeon came back last weekend, we could go to Beek en Donk 77 basketing pigeons. That's a lot to basket but when they come back it goes very quickly.

The solution was 08.00 hour. Right on time and the weather looked good. The wind came from the SW and then the speed quickly goes to the 100 km per hour.

From 1e pigeon came flying over 09.15 hour. She flew a few more laps and soon more came 3 Bee. This one 4 Then flew several more laps before coming down. Too bad because they were all 4 very early pigeons. Ultimately, the 1e pigeon clocked at 09.16,27 hour. It was the 3 year old cock 18-1552136. As 2e pigeon it was also a 3 year old cock, from 18-1552143. Then came the 3e in 4e dove quickly after it. It was typical this time that the first 5 pigeons were all cocks, this while the hens had also trained well. Of course it's nice that now the cocks were first. With such a short flight you know that if the 1e pigeon there is the rest will follow soon. Within 6 minutes after the 1e pigeon went over the antenna, there were already 34 which were also already clocked. Many old pigeons but also the young pigeons came off well. About a quarter of an hour after the 1e pigeon there was were there already 61 pigeons home, this one 61 were all included in the price. So a very nice price percentage of 79% (61 / 77)

In the association with 337 pigeons we had the 4e, 5e, 6e, in 7e. Further 14 pigeons in the first 22. That's pretty good too. (See results)

Of the 77 pigeons are there 76 come back. One has not been able to find the loft. This one 76 will probably all go back to Weert next weekend over a distance of 151 km. With the predicted NE wind they will now be there about 2 hours to fly.

We'll see what the weekend brings.

Good luck all and until next week.

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