Beek en Donk

Saturday 1 August again 3e young pigeon flight. Time flies.

The unloading place would be Tilburg, but due to the expected SE wind and heat, the department has decided to come a little closer and to unload again in Beek en Donk.
This time we had 49 basketed. It has been discharged to 09.00 hour.

There were a number of enthusiasts to visit us and they saw the 1e pigeon come flying. Unfortunately it flew another round and then sat on the roof of the loft. It therefore took a while before she went over the antenna and was detected. All in all, almost a minute wasted because of this, but that is also pigeon sport. They must be identified. From 2e in 3e pigeon came quickly behind, also the 4e t/m 8 pigeon were there smoothly. There were afternoons 47 of the 49 basketed pigeons back home.

In the association we had the 1e place, also the 4e, 5e in 8e price were for our pigeons. Next we had 8 pigeons in the first 15 in the association (See results). All in all, a great achievement.

The prices were quickly divided, with about 10 minutes the prices were there and so is 25 percent of the pigeons already at home.

We now have 3 had flights for youngsters and they went satisfactorily.

The weather will be warm to very hot in the coming weeks, 30 plus a week with SE wind. We are curious what the department does with this. It is already expected that the old pigeons will start basketing from Thursday to Friday. The distance will therefore be shortened. Maybe the youngsters will be canceled. We will see and wait.

Until next week.

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