Beek en Donk

Saturday 23 May Beek and Donk was on the program. A flight over a distance of 127 km.

We had this time 74 pigeons basketed, namely 33 doffers in 41 hens. In the 8 Associations of our Rayon were in total 3.439 pigeons basketed. That is a very nice number of pigeons for us Rayon.

Early in the morning clouds were still present, but in the morning there were clearing up. It was to 11.00 hour unloaded. The wind came again from the South West and it was going to be a quick flight. About 12.08 some came flying in. They did an extra round and round 12.08,15 the first was clocked, this time it was the birthday cock 19-1338327. Immediately after that 12.08,15 it was 17-1741506 as 2e was about the antenna. They came back in and out very smoothly 10 minutes were half home again.

This time we had Rayon in our 4e, 7e, 11e, 12e, 16e in 17e of total 3.439 pigeons. A nice result. Next we had 38 of the 74 pigeons in the price. An attractive rate 51%.

Click here for the association arrival list

This weekend, as it stands, a flight from Weert with a calm NO wind. It will then be approximately 2 hours flying and the speed becomes a lot lower than the last 2 weeks.

Good luck all.

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