Saturday 10 September Troyes was on the program as the last young pigeons flight of this year. This flight only counted in the section for the young pigeons championship. Championships have already been distributed in the association and the district.

Because the pigeons didn't come back super last week, we only have them this week 7 picked to play on this last flight. This one 7 pigeons were still fairly good in the prizes last week.

On Saturday the weather was bad in Belgium and Northern France and therefore it was quickly decided to postpone the flight to Sunday. Saturday evening it was already decided to transport the pigeons from Troyes to Nanteuil. There the prospects for unloading for Sunday were better than in Troyes. On Sunday there was also thick fog at first, but in the end it was possible 12.20 hours to be unloaded in Nanteuil.

Nanteuil is for us 460 km and then with a changeable wind that would mean that the pigeons were back home by evening. This time we had to wait a long time before we had a pigeon back. About 19.25,09 was this pigeon clocked. Almost an hour after the first pigeons from other fanciers were home. This was the only pigeon that came back on Sunday. On Monday there were still 5 so that eventually there 6 of the 7 have come back.

In the result was 1 pigeon from us can be found (See results). This time the victory went to Vincent Bonnes, who got the pigeons back super. Vincent congratulations.

It's over for this year. We had a very good season with many victories and beautiful series of early pigeons. The pigeons can now rest and have to make sure they get through the moult well.

The various final positions will be posted in a while.


Saturday 3 September the penultimate young bird flight of this year from Bierges over a distance of 242 km.

We had 20 young hens participated. They had trained well and then you hope that some early pigeons will come. The wind came from the East to South East and then it almost always becomes a difficult flight. Also this time.

From 1e pigeon was clocked at us 12.06,48 in the 2e dove 12.11,15 hour. This was one of our designated pigeons. Unfortunately they were not super early pigeons. In the result they came in place 10 in 15 justly. our 3e pigeon was a designated pigeon. With that, the points were back in (See results).

Our 22-8162998 is on the 1e ended up in the Rayon as best young bird. A great performance from this hen.

The youngsters have done very well this year. In the association and also in the Rayon we have the 1e achieved a place.

Next weekend there is another Sector flight from Troyes on the program. That will be the last flight of this season.

Good luck and until next week.


Saturday 27 August Morlincourt was on the program over a distance of 414 km.

Summer continues in the Netherlands and with the temperatures of the past few weeks with more than 30 degrees, the training of our young cocks became less and less. These pigeons train in the afternoon from 17.00 hours to 18.30 hour. The condition then deteriorates quickly and that's why we decided not to basket these anymore at Morlincourt. The hens were still training reasonably well, these are released in the morning from 8.00 hours to about 10.30 hour.

Because the prospects with an N-wind also promised a tough flight, we only have 10 hens selected with the hope of a nice result.

Saturday it was pretty good pigeon weather and they were released to 08.15 hour.

The speed of the first pigeons was around 70 km per hour. They would then be there 6 hours flying over.

About 14.31,41 was the 1e pigeon found with us, run after it 14.32,48 already the 2e dove. The other pigeons also came back very well. We had pretty fast 8 of the 10 pigeons detected.

From 1e pigeon of ours ended up on the 7e place in society, from 2e pigeon became 9e. The first 5 places in the association were this time for the Comb. Old Lashof. Frans and Riet congratulations on this super result from you. In the first 3 were also already 2 designated pigeons, so the points for this flight were in.

All 8 pigeons that we had found ended up nicely in the results (See results). We were called about this by the department with the announcement that we 1e in the entire department 9 had become as "Grandmaster in the Loft Achievement" There will be a beautiful story in the Track of the Champion.

We are also in good shape in the various positions with the youngsters as well as the speed championship in the entire Department 9.

Bierges is on the program next weekend. Both flights, both the youngsters and the late races are released in Bierges. As it stands now, we will participate on both flights but we will be on both flights approximately 10 playing hens. It has been good for the young cocks this year, they have had the necessary flights and can rest for this year.

Good luck everyone and see you next week.

Dizy le Gros / Beek en Donk

Dizy le Gros

Saturday 20 August again 5e youngsters this year's flight from Dizy le Gros over a distance of 368 km.

We had 37 pigeons basketed. A nice number to play with. Because it wasn't right in the morning, we had to wait until 11.15 hours to unload.
From 1e pigeon was clocked at 15.49,30 hour, this one was right on time. It was the 22-8162024 hen. Soon after that came the 2e dove and she was clocked at 15.50,23.
From 3e in 4e pigeon also came back quickly but after that it didn't really go very smoothly. The distance starts to count now.

We had the 2e, 3e in 6e pigeon from the association and also grabbed these in the district with 7 associations de 2e in 3e place (See results). A super achievement.

Despite the slow progress, there are still 34 of the 37 pigeons came home. These still have a few flights credit.

Beek en Donk

Also this Saturday was the 1e Natur flight of this season from Beek en Donk over a distance of 127 km.

we still had 5 youngsters that came back later and that we have now raced.

The pigeons were released to 10.50 hour. About 12.25,00 was clocked first and the 2e was there for 12.26,31.
Both beautiful early pigeons in the results. Our 1e pigeon grabbed another 3e in the association (See results)

Until next week.


On Saturday 6 August Bierges stood over a distance of 242 km on the program.

We had 40 pigeons basketed. 21 young cocks and 19 young hens. The weather was good and the pigeons were released to 08.00 hours with a calm NE wind.

For early bird we had around 11.03 to sit, at least we had calculated that after the first pigeons had fallen in the south and west of the department. If it is exactly about 11.00 When the first arrives, that is a special early pigeon. It was the 22-8161984 hen that went down like a stripe after our decoy pigeon. Couldn't be faster than this. She was therefore clocked at 11.00,10. We immediately reported this pigeon on the reporting site and she came to the top in the North department against a big 9.000 pigeons.

Because it was an early pigeon we logically had to wait a long time for our 2e dove. This one was clocked at 11.05,53. Then they came back fine. When making the results, our pigeons came in place 1 and place 2 join our strong association (See results). Next we had 23 of the 40 basketed pigeons in the price. An attractive rate 58 %

Now it had to wait until all associations had sent in to see if they were actually in place 1 would remain in the North of our entire department. And that was the case. A nice story was posted on our site of "Hart van Twente"

This weekend everything will be canceled due to the heat that currently prevails in western Europe. It is also impossible to transport these temperatures pigeons and to do a responsible release. Fortunately, the NPO has complied with the heat protocol well.

Hopefully the weather will change in the next week and normal temperatures are expected in the Netherlands. We'll see next week.

Good luck and until next week.


Saturday 30 Tongeren was on the program for the youngsters in July. This over a distance of 199 km.

we have 45 and putted well 23 young cocks and 22 young hens.

For the umpteenth time there was a calm wind from the NW so that the speed of the first pigeons was around the 85 would lie. The pigeons were 09.45 hours and had a good departure.

About 12.08,31 do we have our 1e dove found, it was this time the 22-8161977. Then we almost had to 3 minute wait for our 2e and next pigeons. After that they came back very well but the first pigeons were just not early enough for really early pigeons in the results. We had this time 6e, 12e, 13e pigeon in the association. (See results).The price percentage was again good, we had 31 of the 45 pigeons in the price, an attractive rate 69%.

Next week it will be a department release for the first time. We always only solved with North but now South is also added. The unloading place for next Saturday is Bierges over a distance of 240 km. The wind will probably blow from the N so they will soon be one 3,5 hours will fly by.

Good luck all and until next week.


Saturday 23 July Weert was on the program for the youngsters over a distance of 151 km.

We were there 50 basketed. In the morning they waited a while before unloading until the visibility was good and then 08.30 o'clock it was time and the pigeons went into the air.

What did surprise us is that the pigeons were released with the cars set up in such a way that they fly against each other when unloading, when we see that we always wonder why there has to be unloaded like this. Find an unloading place nearby where the trucks can stand behind each other and the pigeons have enough space to start the flight well.

The pigeons are expected to have a small 2 hours do about. And that happened, from 1e pigeon was clocked at 10.24,45. This one was right on time because there were no reports further in the area. The following pigeons came back pretty well after that. Within 10 minutes he had Reeds 17 passed over the antenna.

It went pretty well with most enthusiasts, yet there were fanciers again this week whose pigeons came back bad. It always remains strange why they come off well with one fancier and less with another.

When making the results it turned out that the first pigeons had done quite well. We had the 1e, 2e 4e in 5e place in society (See results). In the district we now also had the 1e place against 1633 pigeons, and further the 4e, 7e in 8e place in the district. So all 4 very early pigeons.

From 1e place in the district this year was for the 3e time. A nice report of this is on "heart of Twente CC4" See the link below.

We also had a nice price percentage of 60% (30/50)

Next week Tongeren will be on the program over a distance of 199 km.

Good luck all and until next week.


This weekend was also the start with the youngsters. Always exciting how that will go. We have the youngsters ourselves this year 12 times coached. After that 2 join the department for a test flight and then Saturday 16 July the start of the real flights. We are about with 80 young pigeons started (begin april) and now have 57 basketed.

The youngsters were released in Beek en Donk at 9.00 hour. These pigeons mainly had to do with an N wind. The speed would therefore be around 75 km will be an hour.

From 1e pigeon was clocked at us 10.39,38. It was already clear in advance that this would be a very early pigeon. From 2e pigeon came back quickly and the other pigeons came back reasonably well. We were at the top of the division for a long time against more than 15.000 pigeons but in the end the win went to Mr. Vasterink from Hengelo, die 2 had very early pigeons. Our 1e dove, from 22-8162031 was 3e against 15.201 pigeons. From 2e dove, from 22-8161996 was 7e in the department against 15.201. Both super performances and that on the 1e youngsters flight.

In the association we had the 1e in 2e place (See results), sat further 40 of the 57 basketed pigeons in the price. A good percentage of 70%.

Finally, in the evening 52 of the 57 pigeons found their home base again. Hopefully the losses will remain small in the coming weeks so that we can play the other flights with a nice number of youngsters.

Good luck with the preparations and next weekend is on the program for the youngsters Weert over a distance of 150 km.

Dizy le Gross

Saturday 16 July already the last middle distance flight of this season. For the old pigeons it's over for this year. They did a very good job. We had a lot of early pigeons on almost all flights and the price percentage was very high every week. All in all we are satisfied with this.

At Dizy le Gross we had 30 pigeons basketed, namely 14 doffers in 16 hens. The solution was 08.15 hour. This time the wind came mainly from the NE.

About 13.17,38 do we have our 1e pigeon clocked, again the 21-1598206 who was already early in the results several times. From 2e Dove was 20-1176083 the already 2 times one 1e flew into the club. The pigeons came back reasonably well. Within an hour after the first one, all the pigeons were home.

In the association we had the 2e, 3e, 10e, 11e, in 12e place (See results). Furthermore, we had in the Rayon 24 of the 30 pigeons in the price, again 80%. From 1e place went to G . this time. Point house. Gerald proficiat.

As the standings are now, we have the 1e place in the association. In the district and department we are also good for everything. We will come back to the final positions of this later.


Saturday 9 July already the last sprint flight from Quievrain over a distance of 313 km.

We participate a nice number of pigeons every week, this time there were 28 namely 12 doffers in 16 hens. Almost all pigeons from the previous ones 12 flights minimum 10 prices have flown. There is one hen that hasn't missed yet, then some (8) die 11 have prices and the rest almost all 10 price.

The pigeons were released at 07.15 hour, quite early but the views and skies were good to unload them early. This time the wind came from the south, a calm breeze which makes the speed for the first pigeons around the 90 would be. About 10.53,55 therefore became the 1e pigeon clocked, this time it was the birthday boy 21-1298237. We didn't see it coming but went down smoothly. As 2e pigeon was again the 21-1598225 clocked at 10.55,06, this hen has already flown several top prizes in the Vitesse and is now in good shape again. As 3e pigeon was the 2 year old hen 20-1176084 which can be found in the headline of the results almost every week, she was clocked at 10.56,06. All 3 Early birds.

The other pigeons came back very well after that. A fat 20 minutes after the 1e pigeon there was were there already 24 of the 28 passed over the antenna. Later it turned out that this 24 all included in the price. This time a very nice percentage of 86%.

Furthermore, in the association we took the 1e, 2e in 3e place (See results). An achievement that can be there. And that on the last sprint flight. The designated pigeons came as 4e in 5e of the antenna. We needed this to finish among the first in the Department in the designated sprint championship.

Now that the final positions are here (compuclub) do we see that we 1e designated Vitesse champion in the entire department 9 have become. A fantastic result from our pigeons. At the undesignated championship we stand on a neat 5e place in the department 9. Both championships with very high points numbers. This closes the vitesse flights in a dignified way.

Next week the last middle distance flight of this season from Dizy le Gross.

Good luck with the preparations and see you next week.