The NPO website states the following:

Wednesday evening 2 In July we received news that bird flu had been diagnosed in Bad Bentheim, Germany. This is in the border area near Denekamp; in Wrestling. Unfortunately, there are measures that Dutch enthusiasts in the region are taking.

Since 21 april 2021 apply EU rules in the event of outbreaks of bird flu that have consequences for pigeon fanciers and basketting rooms within the three- and ten kilometer zone. The consequences are:

-No birds allowed (so no pigeons either) be transported within three- and ten kilometer zone. Fanciers who live within these areas cannot basket for racing flights.


Unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to basket for the latter 2 flights with old pigeons. (1 speed 1 midfond)

We are also not allowed to start the season with young pigeons. This would be Saturday 6 start in July with training from Gendringen. If we have finally had the young pigeons flying well for a year, we should not basket them.

What surprises us is that our German fellow fanciers are allowed to basket their pigeons in the affected area of ​​Bad Bentheim. Also this coming weekend. What do you mean EU rules?!!!!!!! Apparently these are not EU rules, but the Netherlands is once again leading the way with all kinds of crazy rules and legislation that allow enthusiasts to whistle for their championships.. Even if you google “bird flu carrier pigeons” on the internet, it is the first thing you read: Homing pigeons have never spread bird flu.

Unfortunately, we will not be allowed to basket the pigeons for a few weeks, hopefully things will change again soon. wait, we can't do anything else.


Saturday 29 June already the 6e This season's Vitesse flight from Charleville over a distance of 328 km.

This time we had 30 pigeons basketed, namely 9 doffers in 21 hens. The weather was good on Saturday and it was already possible 8.00 hours to be unloaded. The release went well. This time the wind came from the NE so the first pigeons would be around 75 km per hour to fly. All in all, almost 4,5 hours of flying for a Vitesse flight.

This time the yearling hen came 23-9037081 fly in first. She flew to the loft in one go and didn't waste any seconds. She was diagnosed 12.27,15. Then we had to wait quite a long time for ours 2e pigeon and that was the 2 year old cock 22-8162046. This one was clocked at 12.31,52. After that they turned out pretty well.

This time in the association we came to the 1e place right (See results), it wasn't much of a difference but just ahead of the Comb. Oude Lashof and Gerald Spitshuis.

Next we had 20 of the 30 basketed pigeons in the price, a good percentage of 67%.

There are still 2 flights with the old pigeons, a middle distance flight next Saturday and the last sprint flight next week.

Until next week.

Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 22 June stood the 4e Middle distance flight on the program from Chalons en Champagne over a distance of 419 km.

Unfortunately, as so often this year, the weather on Saturday was not good enough to release. It looked good in the Netherlands, but because it was raining in Northern France, it was not possible to unload. So the pigeons stayed there until Sunday. So again a flight with 3 nights basket. On Sunday it was immediately good and there was a change 7.30 hour unloaded.

It was a Grand Prix flight where department 9, 10 in 11 participated in. There were therefore approx 30.000 pigeons released at the same time. The departure was good and at a speed of around 80 km per hour, the first ones would arrive at just half way 1 be back.

The first one was there around that time and was clocked at 12.41,49. again the 22-8161980, the 2-year-old hen that won the 2e flew from our entire department. After that the pigeons fared well, almost every minute one flew in. Finally we did 24 of the 38 pigeons in the price. An attractive rate 63%

In the association we had the 5e, 6e in 9e price (See results). This time the victory went to N. Front house. Already the 2e victory for Niels this year. Congratulations Niels.

In the positions at the Vitesse, We are in a good position everywhere in the middle distance and total rankings. Several of our pigeons also rank well in the pigeon championship. These positions support this week's results.

Next week we will only participate in the Vitesse flight. The one-day long distance does not fit our schedule.

Good luck all.


A one-day long distance flight was also planned for this weekend. This went from Saulieu over a distance of 595 km.

These pigeons also had the wind behind them. We were there 5 basketed, All hens. The speed of these pigeons was slightly lower, because the wind became slightly less strong during the day.

The solution was 09.30 hour and the pigeons had a good departure. From 1e pigeon was clocked at 15.12,01. The rest 4 came home fairly quickly after the first pigeon. From 1e pigeon landed on spot 5 of the result. The rest 4 pigeons were also all included in the prize. so 100% price (See results). Very nice.

Vincent Bonnes had the 1e place and even in the entire department 5402 Vincent took the pigeons 1e place with his 2 old hen. Vincent congratulations, a good result.

Next weekend there is a Grand Prix flight on the program with the entire department 9, 10 in 11. This is a middle distance flight and as it stands now it starts from Chalons en Champagne.

We will see what it will be.



Saturday 15 June already the 5e Short distance flight of this season and this time from Charlevilles over a distance of 328 km.

Mettet was on the program, but because it was not possible to unload there, they had to go to an alternative location and that is apparently not easy. Ultimately it became Charlevilles, this meant a big one 60 km further than originally intended. Because the wind was quite strong and came from the SW, this was ultimately a very good alternative.

We had 38 pigeons basketed for this sprint flight, namely 18 doffers in 20 hens.

It was initially rainy on Saturday, but this rain quickly moved to Germany due to the strong wind 10.00 hour could be unloaded. The expectation was that the speed of the pigeons was around 120 km per hour would be. And so it happened, the first flew very high, As a result, she did another lap around the trees and then fell on the roof instead of on the run in front of the loft. That's why it still took a while 15 seconds before she walked over the antenna.

It was this time 2 old hen 22-8161980 who, as a young pigeon, was also very early once (1e place) was in the results. The other pigeons also fared well again.

In the club we had this time 1e price (See results), also in the Rayon 1520 pigeons she stood in place 1, in the entire department against almost 12.000 pigeons she came to the spot 2 justly. It made a difference 2 seconds with spot 1. So it was part of it, but that's how it goes sometimes, on the roof saves a few seconds.

We sat further this time 21 of the 38 pigeons in the price. All in all a good flight.


Saturday 8 juni the 3e This year's middle distance flight, the unloading point would be Arcis sur Aube over a distance of 450 km are, but because this unloading point was not available, they moved to Sourdun over a distance of 495 km.

A best middle distance flight, but because the wind came from the SW it should be easy for the pigeons. That's why we have 40 pigeons basketed, this time 17 doffers in 23 hens. Finally a weekend where you can say on Friday that the pigeons will be released on time. The weather looked good for the entire Saturday, beautiful clear skies and the temperature not too high.

The pigeons were released at 7.15 hour. The first 150 km there was almost no wind so the speed was around 80 km per hour would be and the last 345 km they would have a bit of a tailwind, causing the speed to increase to almost 100 km per hour. It was a very nice flight for our pigeons, This time they came back fantastic from a middle distance flight from 495 km.

From 1e dove, from 22-8162035 was clocked at 12.40,41. Well on time. From 2e in 3e pigeon followed quite quickly and were clocked 12.42,36 one about 12.42,54. These were the birthday hens 23-9037033 in the 23-9037108. The first 3 pigeons come from the bloodlines of Ad Schaerlaeckens, Gebr. Leideman and our own old Heremans kind. It's great that pigeons from the new lines are also starting to do well.

The other pigeons then also came back very well. The first 31 pigeons all had prizes, again a nice percentage of 78%.

Our pigeons were in place in the association 1, 2 in 3 (See results). In the district against 1743 pigeons they arrived at the spot 2, 3 in 4 to stand. A very nice result.

This weekend there are 2 flee, a sprint flight and a one-day long distance flight. As it is now, most pigeons will participate in the sprint flight and some in the one-day long distance flight.

Good luck everyone with the preparations.


Saturday 1 June 2024 Charleville was on the programme. From 4e sprint flight this year.

For the umpteenth time this year, the weather forecasts were not great. That is why it was advised to take a flight further to the west of Belgium. This time the pigeons went to Bierges. On Saturday the weather was such that unloading could not take place and it was decided to come a little closer and have a flight from Duffel on Sunday. It wasn't great on Sunday either, but in the end it was possible 11.15 hours to be unloaded.

A north to north west wind was blowing. Visibility was good along the entire flight line and it could be a nice flight. The pigeons were first round 14.00 am expecting.

We had 44 pigeons participated and yes 20 doffers in 24 hens. This time it was a very nice flight for our pigeons. They came back great. From 1e pigeon was clocked at 14.00,44, a year old hen, from 23-9037057, It's always nice that birthday pigeons also do well.

Then they came back very quickly, inside 10 minutes after the first were already there 24 passed the antennas. This time they finally all came from the right direction. This is of course also mainly due to the NW wind.

In the association we had the 2e, 3e 6e in 7e dove (See results), in the district 2.208 pigeons we had the 4e, 6e, 12e in 13e dove. so 4 pigeons in the first 13 against 2.208 pigeons. Amazingly good. Furthermore, we were happy that the cocks were also there this time, it almost went back and forth. Then another hen and then another cock.

The price percentage was also very high and amounted to 80%. (44 , and 35 in the price)

All in all a perfect flight. In the association, the win this time went to Peter Wolbers, very nicely done Peter and congratulations on this one 1e price.

This weekend a middle distance race. Basketing again on Thursday evening, as it seems now, that's what we do 40 with. Hopefully the weather will improve a bit and the wind will remain in the Westhoek so that we get nice fresh air with good views.

good luck everyone.

Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 25 mei de 2e This season's middle distance flight from Chalons en Champagne over a distance of 419 km.

This time 40 pigeons. These were 16 doffers in 24 hens.

Once again the weather wasn't great, but luckily it got better as the day went on so that was a good thing 12.45 hour could be unloaded. The pigeons had a good starting. The speed of the first pigeons would be around 85 km per hour. The first pigeon was clocked at 17.37,50.

In the club we had this time 8e, 9e in 11e dove. Vincent Bonnes had from 1e of the association (See results). Vincent congratulations. We did 25 of the 40 pigeons in the price. A good percentage of 63%.

Next week a Vitesse and a One-day Long Distance flight. We will participate in both flights.

Good luck everyone with the preparations.

Dizy le Gros

Saturday 11 mei de 1e this year's middle distance flight from Dizy le Gros over a distance of 368 km.

We had it again 50 basketed, exactly the same pigeons as last week. With a NE wind and warm temperatures for the first time, it would not be an easy flight.

The solution was 08.15 hours and at a speed of around 70 km per hour the first pigeons would be around half 2 arrive. And a little later than expected the first ones arrived 2 pigeons flew in. These were ours 2e in 3e drawn pigeons. First went the 20-1176084 over the antenna 13.36,59 and second it was the 20-1176002 on 13.37,05. Both hens.

Afterwards the pigeons performed reasonably well for such a tough flight. From 20-1176084 already has 4 has won top prizes and is at the top of the Pigeon Championship.

In the district we had 35 of the 50 pigeons in the price, an attractive rate 70%. It turns out that the pigeons had an even more difficult time with other fanciers than with us.

From 1e place in the association was this time for Gerald Spitshuis (See results). This pigeon achieved a very nice prize in the district 3e place. Gerald proficiat.

Next week again to Dizy le Gros. As expected now, again a wind from the SE. Unfortunately, there is no other way.


good luck everyone.


Saturday 4 it may have been the 3e Sprint flight from Marche over a distance of 261 km.

We had 50 pigeons in competition and that 23 doffers in 27 hens. Unfortunately, the wind was SE again, so the pigeons entered the department from the west side, making it difficult to get the results early.. And if you also read on the department's website that the pigeons had a mediocre departure, then it will not be an easy flight for the pigeons. They were also released quite early 8.15 hour. The Marche unloading area is not really spacious to accommodate trucks (5*) standing almost next to each other to unload. And with plenty of space 25.000 pigeons released at the same time. As could be seen from the video of the unloading, there was also quite a lot of cloud cover at the unloading location, so there was no fresh open air, unfortunately.

The first pigeon was clocked at our house 11.24,28, this time it was the 4 year old hen 20-1176084. This hen is now also at the top of the pigeon championship in the association. She wins at least a number of top prizes every year and in total 10 prices per year. A great achievement from a 4-year-old hen.

After that the pigeons performed reasonably well, but not really well. It was now clear that the release was not good. Other enthusiasts sometimes had to wait fifteen minutes or even longer for the 2e dove. We were there within half an hour 27 back from the 50, a reasonable price percentage of 54% (See results)

In the association this time it was Koen Seiger who took the honors and won the 1e place ended up. A beautiful early pigeon that was born in the Rayon 6e conquered a place. Koen congratulations. well done.

This weekend the 1e middle distance flight from Dizy le Gross over a distance of 368 km. As the forecast is now, the wind will come from the North. That will be a completely different flight. Headwind and a speed of around 75 km per hour so that the first pigeons arrive 5 hours do about. Hopefully it won't be released too early. Wait until the mist has dissolved and then about an hour or so 9.00 hopefully a good departure.

Good luck to all with the preparations.