Chalons en Champagne

Saturday 2 September was our last flight for the youngsters. We've only got one left 4 done with. This one 4 pigeons were still in the prizes last week.

It was going to be a tough flight over a distance of 411 km. There was a little wind from the southeast, the journey was also sometimes variable. The temperature also rose nicely.

The pigeons were released at 9.30 hours and the 1e pigeon was found with us at 15.17,37. This was right on time. There were only 2 pigeons reported to us in the association. So this pigeon ended up nicely on a 3e place (See results).

It was again the 23-9037056, this hen is now at the top of the pigeon championship of our club. A very good performance. From 2e pigeon from us was also good in the price and ended up on the 11e place in society. From 3e in 4e pigeon also came home on Saturday.

The season is over for this season, it's been good. We give the pigeons rest so they can get through the moult well.

When the championships are known we will post them on the website. For those who still participate in the last flights, success with it.

Dizy le Gros

Saturday 26 August again 7e youngsters race and this time from Dizy le Gros over a distance of 368 km.

We had this time 10 and putted well 4 young cocks and 6 young hens.

The pigeons are released at 08.10 hours and this time had the wind from the South West. From 1e pigeon was still reasonably on time and was clocked at 11.58,33. After that the pigeons came off reasonably well.

This time it was Vincent Bonnes who had a great result (See results) made with his pigeons. In the end it even turned out that he was the 1e of the entire department 9 Grandprix flees almost 10.000 pigeons. Vincent congratulations, can we nice in january 2024 together to Maastricht for the ceremony at the Olympiad.

Next weekend according to the program once again Dizy le Gross.



Friday 18 August Dizy was on the program. Fortunately, the unloading place was changed to Mettet because the weather forecast was not good. It would become very hot all at once and the wind would again blow from the SE for the umpteenth time.

You still hope that it will all work out, but if it takes too long for the 1e pigeon is there then you already know that it will be a difficult afternoon. The pigeons were released at 12.45 hours and the 1e pigeon was found with us at 17.14,20. Almost half an hour later than the first pigeon in our club (See results). Jos Luhen had the first this time 3 pigeons in the association. Good luck to Josh.

Fortunately, almost all pigeons have returned home and there are still a few flights on the program. We will still participate, but we will see which race we basket on a week. (jong / nature)

Next weekend the youngsters will go to Dizy le Gross over a distance of 368 km. Probably we will 10 join. The other pigeons then go on the late tour.

Good luck all.


Saturday 12 August was released in Mettet over a distance of 278 km.

We were there 22 along and again a wind from the SW. Unfortunately, the flight was postponed from Saturday to Sunday, but that is no different. The liberation on Sunday was over 8.30 hour. The speed of the first pigeons would be around 100 lying miles per hour.

With us the 1e pigeon clocked at 11.28,26, from 2e dove 11.30,23 in the 3e dove 11.31,28. Here were already the 2 of the 3 designated pigeons, so the points for this flight were quickly received (See results).

For the first time this season with youngsters, all came 22 basketed pigeons at home. We are now finished with a number of pigeons that came back later 30 pigeons. We race these pigeons that come back later in the late tour.

Next weekend the predictions are not good for the youngsters. Very hot with temperatures above 30 like and further a SE wind. Always difficult to basket pigeons. Will it still be canceled by the NPO / Department? We'll see if we have a boy or not?


Saturday 5 August, Bierges was on the program over a distance of 242 km.

This time 25 along and the release was already over 7.15 hour. The wind was calm from the SW.

The first pigeons reached a speed of around 85 km per hour. With us the 1e pigeon clocked at 10.09,37 in the 2e pigeon followed quickly 10.10,57.

Ultimately, there are 23 come back. In the result we had the 10e, 11e, in 13e of the association (See results).


Saturday 29 July already the 3e young pigeons race this season from Tongeren over a distance of 199 km.

We were there 27 basketed. The prospects for Saturday were not good, but when it came Saturday morning it was not too bad and it was pretty good pigeon weather.
Ze will be drawn om 8.15 hours and then with a SW they would be there approx 2 hours flying over.

From 1e was therefore turned around 10.17,06 clocked, unfortunately we had to take a break 2e dove wait. This one was clocked at 10.21,58. So almost 5 minutes and that is too much for such a flight. From 1e pigeon became 9e in the association. The first 5 places were for the Comb this time. Old Lashof, they got them together really well (See results). Congratulations Frans and Riet.

Bierges is on the program next weekend, again 240 km.

As the outlook is now, it's not going to be good, lots of showers on Saturday. We'll see what the weather is like next weekend.

Good luck all.


Saturday 22 juli de 2e young pigeons flight from Weert. Last week we had it all 52 Young pigeons basketed, unfortunately that went very smoothly and there are eventually 30 come back. So immediately on the first flight a loss of 22 pigeons.

We believe this has several causes. The wind was again unfavorable, this one also came from the south, while the predictions were that it would blow more from the SW. Since the pigeons always go west first when they are released and if they also have wind from the south, they stay on the west side of our department and half of the pigeons fly on to the north of the Netherlands. And then coming back, especially the first flights, is always difficult.

Furthermore, our pigeons did not learn enough in the months of April and May because they did not really leave the loft, they just kept running circles around the loft, so they have little experience.

And on the evening of basketing, when it is reasonably warm, the department decides to fill the entire truck from bottom to top with full baskets. Normally the top 2 rows left free so that more oxygen and air is present in the truck, unfortunately when it comes down to it, the department decides otherwise. Why? A big question mark for us. In the end there are only 4.473 pigeons went along in the truck, and if there is then max 6.000 can then have the top one 2 rows can be left open.

Anyway, now for this week's flight. A number of youngsters had returned later in the week, so we could do it this time 28 join.

Luckily it wasn't too hot, nice temperature and a reasonably good wind, this one came from the SW. A West wind is even better for a good return, but SW is also possible.

Fortunately, it was not released too early, this time around 8.45 hour. Really early releases are often disastrous for the pigeons because then the air is not yet clear and the view is therefore not good. The orientation is then often difficult for the pigeons.

The first pigeons almost achieved a speed of 100 km per hour. So round 10.20 hours the first pigeons would come home. And so it happened. It flew over 10.19 hours a couple of approx 15 pigeons very high over us towards Denekamp. There went there 3 from, because they were very high it took a round or so 4 before they were down.

With the decoy pigeon added, they still sat down on the run and antenna quite quickly. They all became 3 clocked on 10.20 hours and a few seconds.

The other pigeons did reasonably well this time, in contrast to last week, eventually there are 27 of the 28 came back. With the addition of a few pigeons we can hopefully get another one next weekend 30 do pigeons.

The first 3 pigeons had a place in our association 6, 7 in 8 and of the 28 basketted pigeons 13 price. All in all not wrong (See results).

Tongeren is on the program next week.

Good luck all.

Beek en Donk & Dizy le Gros

From 1e young pigeon flight is always one that is watched with fear and trembling. All week you look at the weather forecasts and hope that it will be a normal flight.

We trained the boy many times and hoped that it would go well. Unfortunately, it was again not a very good start to the season. We had 52 pigeons have been basketed and just over half have only returned. The solution was 7.25 hour.

From 1e pigeon was on time, if 08.51,29 she was clocked. She had the 1e price in the association (See results) and a 3e of the district against approx 2400 pigeons.

Next week there will be a flight from Weert. Hopefully it goes better than the week before.

Dizy le Gross

Also what the last flight of old pigeons, this time from Dizy le Gross over a distance of 368 km.

Here we had 24 pigeons basketed.

These have all returned home, but these old pigeons did not return very well either. Here we had one 2e of the association with further 13 of the 24 pigeons in the price (See results).

This last middle distance flight had G. Spitshuis de 1e of the association. Gerald proficiat.

Good luck with the preparations for the youngsters and see you next week.


Saturday 8 July the last sprint race from Marche over a distance of 261 km.

We were there 29 and putted well 5 doffers in 24 hens.

Unfortunately the wind had shifted to the South East on Saturday. You know in advance that it will be another tough flight. The wind is wrong and the temperature is much too high. And so it went well. The pigeons did not fare particularly well. The speed that the pigeons reached was also much too low. Around the 75 km per hour.

We started this time with the 12e prize in the association and further de 14e in 16e. The number of prizes was quite good with 15 of the 29 in the price (See results).

Next weekend the last middle distance race from Dizy le Gros and after that it has been good for the old pigeons and they can rest. The young pigeon races also start next weekend. How that will go is still the question. Forecasts for Saturday another SE wind.