Asse Zellik and Pithiviers 20 May 2017

Asse Zellik

Last Saturday the pigeons were released in Asse Zellik over a distance of 247 km. We had this time 28 with, 14 doffes in 14 hens. While all other departments had all been discharged had ours to wait, it was at the unloading rainy and cloudy. However, this quickly pulled away allowing them 11.30 hours could be unloaded. It was a pretty good starting.

The first would be that around 100 km per hour and fly that was also true of. On 13.56 hour came one swoops. Usually when they have come they were smooth and fast down only. This one 16-1173611 duller but not. We were at one point lost count of the number of laps that which kept turning. A piece of 8 radio buttons that do have rotated. eventually 13.58.28 which was found. From 2e in 3e dove went reasonably well and were down to 14.00 found hours. Our 1e was nominated pigeon 4e and was to 14.01.19 clocked.

In making the results we saw that the circles of the 1e dove just been too much for some 1e place in the association but was this cock on 3e place right. There were many fans who had their first pigeon on time so 6 Lovers at first 8 pigeons were.

We had this time further the 9e, 12e, 14e etc. of the association with further 11 pigeons in the first 36 in the association. Not bad but a bit less than we were accustomed to in recent weeks. See results

We had a total of 17 of the 28 in the price, In that respect a good percentage of 61% price. That is good but the number of top pigeons had to be something better, but that's pigeon racing and this race particularly seconds where it turned.


There was also the first day long distance race of the season and it Pithiviers over a distance of 573 km. in France these pigeons were to pass 11.10 hours unloaded because of the existing clouds at the unloading point. On this flight we had 9 basketed. all hens, 2 in 3 birthdays. This would be so round the clock 17.00 coming hours. And indeed 16.59.10 was first flown our 1e drawn to the 15-1331400.

The remaining birds were within an hour after the first one was all returned. They came right away and over a distance of 573 km, the wind they had from southwest.

In the association we had the 5e and in total we had 4 of the 9 pigeons in the price. See results

All in all a decent weekend but not really top. basketing on 2 flights demands that respect a little sharpness of the pigeons and that's a pity, but unfortunately no different.

On to the weekend and another Vitesse race from Quievrain.

Good luck and until next week.

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