Asse-Zellik 22 april 2017

Saturday 22 April stond een vitesse vlucht op het programma vanuit Asse Zellik. We hadden net als vorige week 44 basketed, 25 hens and 19 doffers. They had trained well last week but the cold, they are not really in shape. Again it was an afternoon release. Because pulled a rain front of North West to the South East took a while before it in Southern Netherlands and Belgium brightened and began to be well again to solve. Here in Twente it was the whole day but cold weather. eventually 12.30 hr, unloaded.

What we heard from Gelderland we had around for an early bird 15.40 sitting hours. It took the first flight was coming but 15.45 there came 2 simultaneously. Smooth came 3e, 4e in 5e even fly. The points were that matter within. Then they were not really smooth but it trickled through. On such flights do you like them after the first is within a quarter largely home. Unfortunately that was not the case.

This time again, the hen was 14-1570473 the first and this time also the clock. On the 1e flight she was also first but she was so fast that they were not the first recorded, they had to be picked out of the pen and held the antenna to be identified. This time, the 2e in 3e dove even cocks, that's not our usual but obviously beautiful that also show now. We had this time 3e, 4e, 6e 10e in 11e of the association (See results). All in all not bad and enough points to some sprint race. The designated pigeons we can not really score points but we maintain hope for the middle distance and one day long distance flights.

Next we had 21 of the 44 pigeons in the price. Toch voor deze vlucht een mooi percentage van 48%.

Aankomend weekend wederom een vitesse vlucht en dit keer vanuit Quievrain, alweer over een afstand van meer dan 300 km. Helaas blijft het koud deze week maar we zullen ze allemaal blijven inkorven. Volgende week hebben we al de eerste midfond vlucht en zoals de verwachtingen nu zijn wordt het dan ook warmer voor de duiven veel prettiger.

Succes allemaal weer de komende week en hopelijk een keer een normale ochtend lossing, we will see.


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