Saturday 4 September 4e Return flight from Arlon over a distance of 306 km.

We had basketed most pigeons again, this time there were in total 62 namely 14 doffers, 24 hens and 24 youngsters. The old pigeons are already moulting nicely that's why we left a few at home.

All week you look at the weather forecast and they would be good for Saturday. A calm NO wind and sunny weather. If it is Saturday morning and the weather report reports a gray start and then clears up then you hope that everything will be fine and that they will not release too early. Unfortunately that didn't work out. It was to 10.00 hour already unloaded. It was good at the release point, however, on the radar you could already see that they would fly against the heavy clouds above the south of the Netherlands. It really wasn't resolved then. The visibility there was very bad. And that happened. There are always a number of pigeons that come through well, but the course was then over for a flight 306 km very bad.

From 1e pigeon passed by us 14.19 hours over the antenna and it reached a speed of 71 km per hour. Then pigeons came but very slowly. Fortunately, all the old pigeons have come back and there are some of the youngsters 3 left behind.

This time in the association we had the 1e place. That is of course nice, but we would have liked it to have been a normal flight.
View the results of the youngsters in the Natour

The competition for the prizes was open for almost an hour and a half. Way too long for such a short flight.

Sometimes you wonder if the release committee doesn't have radar images on which they can see how the weather is on the way. All other departments in the north of the country released hours later than our department and the progress there was good everywhere.

Next Saturday is the last Natoer flight but we have decided not to participate in that anymore. Feel good for this year. We give the pigeons rest so they can get through the moult well.

For those who still participate, good luck and see you later.

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