Saturday 18 juni the 4e middle distance race this season. Because the heat protocol applied, the pigeons were not basketed on Thursday but on Friday evening.

The unloading point was changed to Arlon over a distance of 306 km.

Unfortunately due to the warm weather and the bad air it became the least flight so far. Because the wind still came from the SW we expected that it would not be that bad, but now it turns out that pigeons do not tolerate extreme heat and the hazy, hazy air. The orientation ability is then immediately a lot less. The course was therefore very bad and this was the case with almost all fanciers and also in all departments in the Netherlands.

The first pigeons reached about 90 km per hour but it took a very long time for the pigeons to come back. We even had to 10 minute wait for our 2 pigeon after the 1e Dove was.

From 1e pigeon was the 2 year old cock 20-1176063, a good cock but if this one comes in the lead then you already know that it will be a strange flight. This cock flew a 2e in the association and in the district still one 6e place, quite beautiful in itself (See results).

Next we had 17 of the 37 pigeons in the price. Not bad, but you can expect that with such a flight.

Next week a sprint flight from probably Bierges. It's going to be hot again but hopefully it's not too bad.

Good luck and until next week.

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