After a winter with lots of parties, awards, ceremonies etc last Saturday the first (test) flight launched.

The breeding season is well and most racers are separated again from mid-March. From that moment they go back out for the time being quietly flying laps. In the coming weeks we will gradually enter the training.


Saturday 6 April was the 1e flight program. The pigeons would go to the unloading "Doves" because there were also other departments, our department to Kalkar (77 km) moved out. An unloading area which has not previously been on the program.

This year we 31 racing cocks and 36 racing hens, a total of 67. This we all have basketed.

The predictions of the weather were good but unfortunately that did not really matter. It was in the course of the morning already jaded but there was little of it. In the afternoon the weather cleared a bit on but the skies remained gray with bad views.

The pigeons are ultimately 13.45 unloaded. The first pigeons came flying after an hour, after several rounds we have 1e pigeon clocked at 14.47,21. Na 3 minutes 14.50 hours we had already 11 the clock. Thereafter, the trickling for a reasonable by 1e flight.

It was a test flight that had at any level it but to test everything we have as a society have made a rash. We arrived at the 3e place to go further 11 pigeons in the first 23 the outcome.

This weekend the 1e price flight and have to Boxtel. As expectations now will be a sunny day, cold but also with NO wind. They will already have to attract the best and 1e Dove will have minimal 2 am going to do about. (140 km)

It is just the beginning and we will see what it brings us.

Good luck all.

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